Land Based Residencies


 “If we wish to teach students reverence for the Earth, we need to insist that time spent studying and working the soils of a farm is as valuable as any time spent in classrooms”

Eliot Coleman

Hay loft intern photo.JPG

At Sun Hill Farm, We believe we need more farmers. We also believe we need more young people who approach their career perspectives as well as their creative practices with a strong sense of connection with the land that serves them.

With the astonishing advancement of technology and the emergence of a society where most are “insulated from plain dirt” (Ivan Illitch), we need educational places where students can work, reflect and learn from their natural environment. At Sun Hill, we aspire to be such a place.

We reach our full human potential when we use our heads, hands and hearts. When we use our hands and hearts together with our brain- power, we learn at a deeper, more holistic level and discover our innate creative power.

At Sun Hill, interns are invited to join in a culture of learning and participate in activities that range from turning a compost pile, to lacto fermenting vegetables, to feeding livestock, to taking a walk in our woodlot with a forester, to harvesting fresh greens for the CSA, to planting heirloom seeds or reading a book on regenerative agriculture.

We look for interns who are self-directed, self-motivated and inspired to learn from nature and community. We consider this to be an active pursuit on the part of the individual who decides to spend his/her time here.

In 2019, the internship will run for 5 weeks, starting on June 17th.

Take a look at our 2019 Flyer to learn more.

To apply for an internships, send a cover letter and resumé to:

2016 Intern Stacy Jansen created this video about the internship. Check it out!