Our Partners

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Based in Putney since 1969, with a national agenda and a growing international presence, Yellow Barn draws young professional musicians from the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, who explore chamber music alongside faculty members who are among the most highly regarded performers and pedagogues of our time. One of those faculty members spoke for all when he said, “Yellow Barn is an artistic center of gravity for me."


The New England Council Collective is a growing body of certified Council trainers and Council facilitators in the New England area. The Collective serves individuals, groups and organizations seeking to learn more about Council and to seed Council practices in their lives and work in the world.  Council is an age-old practice that involves bringing people together in a circle to bear witness and share authentically. NECC is based in Putney. More about our Collective at https://www.necouncilcollective.org/

Vermont Wilderness School (VWS) builds long-term mentoring relationships rooted in community, nature connection, and earth living skills. Since 1999, the VWS has mentored thousands of people in our region to become lifelong stewards of nature.  VWS youth programs provide immersive experiences in the natural world and build confidence, self-sufficiency, and aliveness in each child.  The school's adult programs train students experientially in nature awareness, wilderness skills, mentoring, and cultural design/facilitation.

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Sandglass Theater is an internationally known theater company specializing in combining puppets with music, actors, and visual imagery. Since 1982, the company’s productions have toured 24 countries, performing in theaters, festivals and cultural institutions and winning numerous international prizes. Sandglass Theater is based in Putney, Vermont.

CLA founder Arn Chorn-Pond in front of the tulip garden

CLA founder Arn Chorn-Pond in front of the tulip garden

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Cambodian Living Arts has worked for almost 20 years to help regrow Cambodia’s arts sector and to provide opportunities for artists to write the story of the country’s future. Founded in 1998 by genocide survivor, musician, and peace advocate Arn Chorn-Pond, they initally focused on the preservation of endangered performing art forms and rituals. Nowadays, as the country has developed and the arts sector has re-emerged, CLA also works to stimulate creativity and innovation; and to build links between the arts sector in Cambodia and those of neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and further afield. They are also working to integrate arts and culture into the Cambodian public school curriculum while also increasing performance and employment opportunities for Cambodian artists. Arn Chorn-Pond's official residence in the United States is in Putney, VT.