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From June to November, we offer our community members the opportunity to get vegetables from us by subscribing to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and get weekly baskets of beautiful, delicious and highly nutritious produce. 

During the growing season, we grow more than 60 varieties of vegetables and each week, a basket will have at least 8 different vegetables and herbs.

To know more about the CSA and how to join for the upcoming 2018 season, contact the farm manager at simon@sunhillfarmvt.com.

Also, check out our CSA flyer here.

As a part of our 2017 CSA offering, our interns have decided to create a weekly publication: Fo0dways. Here is an exert from the first publication:

Foodways display.JPG

“Foodways” is an exploration of the worlds that are woven into our food — this food. As a publication, it begins with the principle that eating is an agricultural act: to eat is to participate in a network of stories and economies interwoven with biology, politics, chemistry, religion, medicine and so on. Throughout the summer, “Foodways” will invite to the table some of the many — indeed, infinite — beings that we break bread with: the folklore of food, the injustice of the foodsystem, the ecology of insects, the horticultural history of a vegetable. These pages, in a sense, are practices of remembering, practices of paying attention. To trace foodways — the way food comes to us — entails de-commodifying our food, broadening our understanding of the context of eating, stretching our imagination of these “ingredients” here in the basket.

Foodways is distributed in print to our CSA members and mailed to various friends and community members who request a hard copy. If you would like to receive a hard copy weekly, please email simon@sunhillfarmvt.com.