Our Master Plan


Sun Hill Farm Master Plan

During the 2016/2017 Winter, we worked with Emily Davis Ecological Design & Consulting in creating a master plan for the farm. The master plan followed a holistic design approach that integrated elements of permaculture design principles, public outreach exercises, and an emphasis on a comprehensive site inventory and analysis.

It helped us to look at our farm as an integrated ecological system and plan the future in ways that will nurture all life on our 50 acres and beyond.


Group Design Exercise

In February 2017, the master planning team along with residents of Sun Hill Farm gathered to examine three proposed schematic alternatives, “Sun Hill is a Farm,” “Sun Hill is a Home,” and “Sun Hill is a Retreat.”

The group discussed the implications of certain site design elements and identified competing ideas; and after those discussions, created a fourth design alternative that combined desired elements from the previous three with new ideas developed during that meeting.

To end the session, the group had an opportunity to up-vote and down-vote design ideas proposed in all four of the designs. This will, in addition to the group’s discussion, help inform the final proposed design and prioritize competing design ideas.