We host programs at the confluence of farming, the arts and community


In today’s world, tending to a small patch of dirt, making food together or gathering in an authentic way may have become the exception rather than the norm. Those things really matter to us, so that's what we do. Through our daily actions on the farm, we aspire to care for ourselves, others and the Earth.


Special Announcement: Sun Hill Farm currently has two job openings. Check out the About Us/job openings section to learn more.


The Farm

We farm organically 15 acres of land with animals and vegetables. We raise lambs, goats and chickens on pasture. We run a vegetable CSA during the open season.
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Who we are

We are a farm with a strong vision and mission. Since 1998 we have embraced sustainable farm practices and fostered collaboration and creativity.
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Our Programs

Along side running a small organic farm, we host internships, residencies and private retreats. We are interested in generating conversations and actions related to land use, about how we choose to consciously interact with each other and with our environment.


Our Partners

We are very involved in our community and partner in various ways with local artistic and educational institutions.
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