The Sun Hill Farm Team

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Simon Renault

Simon Renault is Sun Hill Farm's manager. He grew up in France and moved to Sun Hill in 2007. He lives on the farm with his wife Dana and their three boys, Sky, Malo and Louie. 

Simon understands his work as being an expression of his passion for holistic food production, authentic relationships and personal development.

On the farm, Simon can be found running around with dirty hands trying to fix something, taking a nap in the hammock, weeding a carrot bed or playing a board game with his boys. 

Most of all, he loves sharing his enthusiasm for life and the living.


John Burt

John Burt is the owner of Sun Hill Farm. Since 1986 John has been president of an independent producing company in New York, John Burt Productions. Partial credits include, producing artistic director, Clayton Opera House, Clayton, NY, curator, Environmental Theater Festival, New York State Parks, The Road Home: Stories of Children of War, premier Asia Society NYC, and has been represented on Broadway in the Tony nominated musical, Starmites, and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Tony Award for Best Musical.

John is co-founder and board chair emeritus of Cambodian Living Arts (1998) where he commissioned and produced the Cambodian-American opera, Where Elephants Weep (2008) and served as executive chair of Season of Cambodia, a New York City-wide festival of Cambodian arts, music, dance, theater and film. He was a founding board member of Next Stage Arts Project, Putney, VT and is president of the Fresh Sound Foundation, Boston, MA.

John divides his time between New York City and Putney, Vermont. 


Ruth Sessions

Former manager of Sun Hill Farm, Ruth now turns her focus almost exclusively on the ornamental gardens that surround and define the grounds. 

Working with a local landscape company, she helps to maintain annuals and perennials as well as cutting flowers imbedded in the bountiful vegetable gardens.  Her floral arrangements, created from this palette, embellish bedrooms, porches, and dinner tables, greeting visitors and residents all through the growing season.  She relishes working in this studio of living shape and color!